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BN Mentally Sick
By tv3

24/12/2000 10:44 pm Sun

Assalamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera
Semua Pejuang REFORMASI

It seems very obvious that the "plan" is being unleashed again! When the Great Leader reconfirms his feelings towards the Suqui and in his usual deceitful way, announces that BN had to "pretend to agree" in view of the general elections, we see a similar script to "Ops Lalang" unfolding. And all Malaysians (and that include us Malays) MUST pay heed to this combined reincarnation of the Great Pharoah and Rasputin the Mad Monk!

As if there is a need to reconfirm the script, the man who had "burnt his bridges", predictably upped the tempo by calling all Malays to be ready to, "FIGHT THE CHINESE"! (That is what his statement comes to, "Rais' Statement Seditious says PAS Chief", Malaysiakini 14DEC00). These people in the BN leadership are plain SICK. Utterly DESPERATE, and simply out of their pea-brains!

There is only one sensible thing that ALL Malaysians can and must do. And that is, let them be. Let them talk all they want. And be assured that we have not heard the last of them. They will continue upping the tempo to a level when they can legitimize whatever their actions, least of all the ISA! They can be very testing, what with all instruments available at their disposal, especially the morons of Bukit Aman. BUT, we MUST just let them be. We will let whatever enters the left ear to flow straight out the right ear, in the true spirit of;

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words hurt me NOT!

Meanwhile, don't ease up. If anything, we too must UP the tempo! We will surely (insya Allah) witness more and more fumbles from the Great Leader, right down the line.

To Chinese Malaysians, I say this:

19 years is a long time to find out the true colour of the chameleon. I have said it before and I say it again. We (especially the Chinese) forfeited the best chance that we have ever had to, at least, start the two-party tradition in Malaysian politics, when you whole-heartedly threw your support behind the BN in Nov 99. You fell for the scare tactics that was all over the newspapers prior to the elections. You fell for the footages of the May 13th and the Indonesian experience that was liberally aired over all the TV channels. You got carried away with the "acceptance in principle" of Suqui's demands. You were mainly looking at enough to "Cari Makan". And most regretful of all, you got carried away and forgot that you are as Malaysian as I am and that you have responsibility and accountability to the future of this MOTHERLAND of yours. The Malaysia that you and I will pass down to our children. We (you and I) missed the opportunity to give BA that one chance that everyone is entitled to!

To Malay Malaysians, I say:

Fighting and killing one's enemies is indeed allowed in the Quraan! BUT, (and I repeat), BUT, only in self-defence against a REAL THREAT. Not PERCEIVED. Not IMAGINARY.

And IF, there is indeed a threat, as an added "safety latch", Allah commands that when the news of this (impending threat) is sourced from a fasiqun, (rebellious evil person) we must, "first verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done." (Quraan 49:6)

And for the defenders of special privileges, (I ask), Do we really want these to be in place in perpetuity? When then, should we start to really compete? And what about instances where help (let's say a scholarship) is awarded to a Kartini instead of a May Lee, even when the latter is more deserving, both in terms of their social status as well as academically? (And I have personally seen many of these instances). Is it morally right to claim the scholarship just by virtue of being a Bumiputra? Isn't fairness a universal virtue? Is help given on the basis of need or colour? What makes us more Malaysian than our Chinese brothers? Remember Allah made us into different clans, "so that you may know each other"!

These are questions that we Malays must be able to answer honestly and sincerely. Even if I (reluctantly) concede that these privileges must be done away with overnight, it is still right if we periodically (and voluntarily) review them, with a view to systematically dismantle the status quo. After all, it has been over 30 years that the policy was implemented. And when faced with the target shortfall, it is only right that we analyse critically, the implementation of this policy of "eradication of poverty" and "restructuring of society". Surely, extending the time to exercise the put option (Renong-UEM deal), and buying back shares worth RM3.00 at a RM5.00 premium (MAS deal) cannot augur well in the production of resilient, hardworking, responsible and accountable Bumiputra business species?

When even the Quraan, the Great Leader wants re-interpreted, why can't we look at a possible review of the Bumiputra vs non-Bumiputra rhetoric? Is it holier than the Quraan?

Lawan Tetap Lawan