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Re: AWSJ: Appointment of New Federal Judge
By tv3

16/11/2000 12:36 pm Thu

Assalamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera
Semua Pejuang REFORMASI

Huge sighs of relief can almost be heard from just about anyone that has any teeny weeny bit of involvement in the Judiciary, with the announcement of Tan Sri Dzaiddin as the new Chief Justice. It will not be too far off target to state here, that the sighs have largely been on account that it is not the "Anak Gampang" (AG) that has been pushed up into the CJ slot as had been feared. It was feared too that had that happened, then the "4 tahil" was sure to have been moved up to take over as the new "Anak Gampang"! Subha nAllah, wal hamdu Lillah..........

Will the sigh be a shortlived one?

For the sake of the future of the entire Nation, let us hope NOT! Let us all hope that this will be the beginning of REAL and TANGIBLE ISLAH from the Judiciary point of view. To be sure, yes most of us thinking Malaysians, are fully aware of the fact that the Judiciary is but ONE aspect of the system that is in urgent need for an overhaul, the others being political, economic, the law enforcement, educational and the whole list of others. Personally, we in tv3 believe to the full extent that if there was a place to begin, there cannot be a better place to start, than the Judiciary where all disputes can be brought to and dispensed with, without FEAR or FAVOUR.

None of us in tv3 have the privelege of knowing TS Dzaiddin personally, but we are all HOPEFUL and OPTIMISTIC. So TS, we put our hopes and prayers on to you. May you be guided only by your CREATOR and the FEAR OF ACCOUNTABILITY IN THE HEREAFTER - the yaum-ul Mahsyar! (unlike the 2 before you that have both been given the KITAB!)

Of course, TS Dzaiddin's first test that will be closely scrutinised by the world at large, will be the appeal to the Federal Court of DSAI's conviction against "corruption" and the sentence of 6 years jail (consecutively), which was upheld by the Appeals Court, headed by the previous "Corrupt Joker" (CJ). (the only reason why his term was extended for 6 months despite the irrefutable allegation of an overseas holiday with a crony lawyer - "to settle some unfinished business")

It is not the intention of tv3 to pre-empt what will take place at the appeal which is now scheduled to be heard this 27NOV00 (insya Allah a good omen for Justice in Malaysia as the date coincides with the begining of Ramadhan-al-Mubarrak). Whatever/whichever the appeal goes, TS Dzaiddin will go a long long way in reinstalling some amount of credibility in the Judicial system, if ONLY he can address and provide convincing answers to the many questions that even the legal layman asks! And which the trial Judge failed miserably to address. tv3 will resist the temptation to enumerate these mingling doubts here in this Forum, but feel sure that the entire legal fraternity within and without the Country, will surely welcome the clearing of "ALL REASONABLE DOUBTS" that has resulted in DSAI being sent to 6 years in prison. After all, "justice must also be SEEN to be done!"

Despite the recent disappointments, tv3 is hopeful (until proven otherwise) that this be the begining of better things to come. We await with eagerness the conduct and ultimately the outcome of DSAI's appeal to the Federal Court. IF, after the hearing, we ARE ALL convinced that DSAI has been convicted based solely on evidence and that both the trial judge and Appeals Court Judges have NOT erred on any point of law....then our optimism may be well placed.