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STS: YB Zakaria Mengaku Samseng
By Kapal Berita

15/11/2000 4:22 am Wed


Saya sudahpun melapurkan kisah ini. Tetapi ada beberapa dialog yang menarik yang dilapurkan oleh akhbar luar negara yang tidak dicatat oleh akhbar tempatan:

Sesi debat "kilang haram" atau "kilang tanpa izin" menggamatkan dewan bila YB Zakaria dan YB Teng bertukar-tukar kata bila sesi bermula.

Debat itu kemudiannya berhenti seketika untuk waktu rehat. Di dalam bilik khas untuk minum kopi itu perbalahan meletus lagi, bila YB Zakaria mengata kepada YB Teng sebagai "babi Cina".

Akhirnya bertumbuklah mereka berdua sambil disaksikan oleh YB yang lain.

YB Teng komplen kepada Speaker bahawa YB Zakaria berkelakuan "seperti samseng (gangster)", dan ia di sampuk oleh YB Zakaria dengan terbuka, "Memang, saya samseng!"

From The Singapore Straits Times
14th November 2000

Punches fly between Klang politicians

Scuffle In Selangor State Assembly

The two men, from opposing parties, had to be pulled apart by colleagues after they started fighting on the first day of the Selangor Budget session


A FIST-FIGHT erupted between two state assemblymen from opposing parties yesterday during the morning coffee break on the first day of the Budget session of the Selangor state legislative assembly.

The two, Umno's Zakaria Deros, the assemblyman for Selat Klang and Democratic Action Party's Teng Chang Khim, Bandar Klang assemblyman, had to be pulled apart by their colleagues as they threw punches at each other.

At one stage in the tussle, a third party whom witnesses said was not an elected representative, joined in the scuffle and was seen boxing Mr Teng in the face.

The incident was witnessed by about 20 people.

Mr Teng sustained bruises and swelling on his left cheek but it was not known whether Mr Zakaria was injured.

When contacted at his office yesterday, Mr Teng confirmed the incident but declined to elaborate, saying that ""magnanimity should prevail''.

Apparently, Mr Zakaria subsequently apologised to Mr Teng in the presence of Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Dr Mohamad Khor Toyo, the State Secretary, State Legal Adviser and Speaker.

Mr Zakaria had bowed low as he shook Mr Teng's hand in apology.

""I feel sad not because I was hurt physically but because the incident reflected the immaturity of our politicians.

""I do not expect elected representative to resort to violence,'' Mr Teng said.

Former Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, expressed shock and told The Straits Times that assemblymen could argue all they liked inside the chamber but ""once outside, they should maintain a friendly and professional relationship''.

""Nothing like this ever happened in all my years as the Mentri Besar,'' he said.

According to an assemblyman from the ruling Barisan Nasional, Mr Teng and Mr Zakaria had begun arguing about illegal factories in Selangor shortly after the assembly convened.

When the assemblymen broke for morning coffee in the special room reserved for them, another argument broke out during which Mr Zakaria allegedly called Mr Teng babi Cina (Chinese pig).

Minutes later, they were punching one another as their colleagues tried to hold them back.

At this point, the unidentified man, wearing a suit and tie, stepped up, boxed Mr Teng on the face and quickly left the room.

""You could hear them going for each other. Pok, pok, pok!'' said one third-term assemblyman.

Local newspapers had reported how Mr Zakaria had strode over to Mr Teng's seat in the middle of a heated debate, with his hand raised to strike at an earlier sitting of the state assembly.

The Speaker quickly intervened.

The Mentri Besar then was Datuk Seri Abu Hassan Omar.

Mr Teng then complained to the Speaker that Mr Zakaria was behaving ""like a samseng (gangster)'', to which the latter openly replied, ""I am a samseng, indeed''.