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Re: Jalan Kebun: Gambar Dan Kisah
By Kapal Berita

6/11/2000 10:49 pm Mon

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From: ny []

What a Sunday! :-)

what a sunday! left the house to recce the perhimpunan site at jln kebun, shah alam about 11.00am. reached the area about 11.30am. all access roads with police blocks - managed to talk my way thru'. jln kebun was like a fortress. the perhimpunan area was cordoned off by police baricades (see pic). huge convoy of fru and police at sek men jln kebun.

back home for lunch by 1.30pm. planned to go back to jln kebun for the big ocassion at 3pm. delayed due to net activities and some spying stuff. :-) about 3pm, police despatch from awan besar r&r along kesas highway asked for directive from hq - too many cars and massive jams. thousands of cars blocked by police in klang, spots along the kesas highway, and elsewhere. a few hundred managed to slip through to jln kebun - teargased and sprayed by toxic fluid by police (they even used the chopper hovering above the crowds to disperse them). main convoy with party leaders managed to arrive at kota kemuning toll plaza and met by the retreating crowd from jln kebun. fru chased them all the way, even through bushes next to the highway (see pics). some cars were damaged by the 'rampaging' fru. stand-off at the tol plaza and an impromptu gathering was held with thousands of ppl on the highway. i recce the surrounding areas and found thousands more making their way thru kelapa sawit, semak, swamps, etc. a lot of cars parked along jln bkt kemuning and sri muda as ppl tried to get to the highway by foot via the bushes. further up kesas highway, police diverted traffic out of the highway to deter more ppl from joining the main gathering at kemuning toll place.

the 100,000 people gathering has been successful. if no harassment from ameno's police, 100k+ ppl could easily be there.


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