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"biar bertempat" -freedom of speech malaysiakini's style :)
By Ummi Nasuha

27/10/2000 1:01 am Fri

Posting dibawah adalah apa yang Ummi hantar kepada editor malaysiakini hari
ni. Let's see if it gets some space in the readers' column :), unlike the
Radha issue yang kena peram hehehehe

Congratulations to Mr. Steven Gan of malaysiakini for being awarded and thus recognised as a truly professional journalist.

I have been following the numerous write-ins, articles and comments in malaysiakini. What strike me as strange is that, there would sometimes be non-muslim contributors in the readers' column that spoke freely about Islam, giving comments and such.

I suspect that most of these writers do not have any idea to what they were writing. I think this is very unfair - to talk about something that you do not know about. I have been commenting in my own letters to the editor of malaysiakini to have some restraint and respect for the muslims.

It bleeds our heart to see non-muslims making nonchalant and disrespectful remarks about topics they do not know at all. I am making this plea again to the editor to be more sensitive to the other muslim readers. What stike me as strange too is that we have yet to read or see any comments that degrading the practices the Buddha preached, or the beliefs that the Hindus hold sacred in their lives and hearts. Are these teachings so flawless that they do not raise any fluke at all? Or, are they misguided too but they seem less threatening compared to as what the teachings in Islam getting "distorted" by Nik Aziz [for example]?? Double standard, anyone?

"Freedom of speech" would come into the many minds as they may be reading this. Yes, but the issue of sensitivity should also comes into minds when we are talking about the religion millions are embracing around the world.

I also fully agreed and felt a little avenged after reading Maheran Mossadeq's email sent to harakahdaily. Criticise all you want, readers, but like the Malays alway say 'biarlah bertempat'. Ask and clarify before you want to comment on things you DON'T KNOW.

Maybe the saying which goes " people fear things they do not know" holds water for the Islam-bashing in Malaysia....