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Suharto, Fujimori, Milosevic. Will it be Mugabe or Fir'aun Next?
By tv3

8/10/2000 11:48 am Sun

Assalamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera
Semua Pejuang REFORMASI

First it was Suharto. The "saviour" of the Indonesian people from the grasp of communism. 32 years of seemingly absolute control and rule! Then Fujimori called for an early election (in which he says he will not stand). Again, whilst seemingly in complete control. In the last few days, it is the turn of Slobodan (the butcher) Milosevic. Driven out, and again, by the might of PEOPLE POWER.

Next! Will be Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, or our very own Mahafira'un (the Great Pharaoh)?

No matter, eat your heart out oh Fir'aun, and sing it out loud:

"And now, the END IS NEAR
And as I face my FINAL coffin…"

Impossible? So it was thought of India's Congress Party. The Kuomintang of Chinese Taipei. The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. And at the end of the eighties, the complete dismantling of Communism, 70 years after its birth, in a space of two years or so. Is PKMB better and stronger than any of these?

We are reminded: -

"Kul lu nafsin dzaa iqatuul maut…"
(Every living thing MUST face death!)

The writing is on the wall!

Did not Dato' Razak (SB No2) appear in one closed "majlis taklimat" for known cadres of Pak Lah? Shagul Hamid and all? (This news appeared in one of the websites, and tv3 CONFIRMED its correctness from sources at the Bukit Puaka). Was it with the knowledge of his immediate boss, or the IGP (once known as PIG)? If it was, why then did he need the assurance (before he started) that, "Ini semua orang KITA kah?"

Next, about two weeks ago, SB's from Bukit Puaka raided the office of the Member of Parliament for Kuantan on Jalan Tun Ismail, Kuantan. This MP is the Secretary General of PKMB, and is also the Minister of Information. Non other than THE Khalil Yaacob a.k.a. Buaya Dari Tasik Bungor. It seems (tv3 cannot confirm), that pornographic photographs of local artistes were discovered! [That speaks well of this "leadership" of ours. "Menyerap nilai nilai Islam" Maklum lah, lebih Islam dari PAS!] (Now) was this raid sanctioned by Fir'aun? Because we know, that it could not have taken place until and unless Fir'aun has spoken. Dato' Shafie's courtroom statement will easily vouch for that!

There are two possible scenarios.

One is that Fir'aun feels almighty and in total control that Khalil has outlived his usefulness and therefore can now be discarded just has Sabbaruddin and Mat Bulat, before him. The second (which tv3 subscribe to) is that, Pak Lah is starting to MAKE HIS MOVE! If anything, in an environment of winner takes all, the patronising nature of the "defacto TPM", and in these times when "EKONOMI DAH NAIK", many a Pak Lah's koncos, are feeling the heat of dwindling up-front commissions. [Anyone in business (except if one is connected/linked to the defacto TPM) will tell you that, "THINGS ARE SO BAD, THAT IT IS SCARY!" The truth is, (official statements notwithstanding) there simply is, no liquidity in the market. And the common opinion is, that it is going to get worse!] Maybe, he does not feel too confident with Norian or Yusof (SB Chief). But it is an open secret that Dato Razak, is a Pak Lah supporter! Relatively speaking too, Razak is a more "God-Fearing" man, when compared to many of the rest, who are indeed deep in maksiat...a legacy after more than a decade under the Fir'aun-Megat Junid leadreship.

We will all watch and see how the drama unfolds. That Fir'aun is under tremendous pressure is a foregone conclusion, even just by watching his facial expression and body language. Malays are plain SICK of him. The Chinese (together with the component members in the BN) are tightening the screws re the Suqui issue. Internationally, he has become infected with the bubonic plague. And members of his party are constantly at each other's throats, as is happening in Selangor, Pahang and Johore. And whether or not he cares to admit, (although ALL PKMB members that we speak to will freely admit, albeit "off the records") the ANWAR factor, inevitably, plays a role. Najib, for example, won one of the VP seats, with a lot of help from DSAI's sympathisers who still haunt the party!

But for us PEJUANG REFORMASI, the fight will go on. Always mindful of the fact that Fir'aun and his gang are academy award winning actors. We must not let our guards down and be carried away with any sandiwaras that they care to stage.

For the likes of Musa Hassan, Mohtar Dugong, Ibnu Jaka, Tok Fidah and all. Take cognizance of the latest happening in the world, i.e. Yugoslavia. The Butcher has fled. The same army and secret police that were carrying out the slaying, when confronted with the might of PEOPLE POWER, simple smiled and shook the hands of the PEOPLE. Finally, these criminals will be found and prosecuted. The world is getting smaller. Are you then still confident of being "protected" by your bosses? Do you realise that, just for about every case that is investigated by the Bukit Puaka, TWO (and NOT ONE) files will be opened. One, if these present people remain in power, and the second if others come to power. The infamous sadistic and animalistic assault on DSAI, for example. What we know so far, is "report number 1". There exists a "report number 2", in which all the top officers involved in the assault are named. The "Mustakizah Affair", the share allotment issue, are but two examples. If you still feel safe and confident, GOOD! We will wait. We have ALL the time to wait. Ultimately we KNOW that you still will have to answer. If not "HERE", then it's "THERE". Take your pick!