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The Ultimate Piratisation
By tv3

4/10/2000 8:23 pm Wed

Assalamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera
Semua Pejuang REFORMASI

I couldn't find it in me, even a single tinge of reaction towards the news of the impending PIRATISATION of Bernama and RTM2. Or the politically apt word, "tacit approval". This lack of reaction is hardly surprising, considering even mattresses can be brought to court in the hope that it can provide the "bukti kukuh" that the whole world was eagerly awaiting!

When one takes into account the characters behind this "tacitly approved" takeover, this reaction-lessness, turns to nausea! Kadir Jasin is a proven dog who will eat shit without second thoughts. All his master need do is ask. Ibrahim Nor was the one who "screwed" Dato' Khalid Ahmad's (who was his mentor whilst the were together in NSTP) back in the ousting of Dato' Khalid from MRCB. Whilst Jalaludin, the other budding "corporate czar", well, ex-press secretary to the Pharaoh...enough said!

Sdr Lim Guan Eng hit the nail on the head when he said, "they might as well just hand it over to PKMB".

However, this is mild compared to what tv3 gathered in the last few days. Readers had better be warned!

Our "investigative reporters" were on their routine rounds in Selangor, just collecting potentially interesting news items. One thing we established is, that, the Selangor PKMB is in shambles! Dr Toyo's position is shaky. He has the authority by virtue of his position as MB, but has little or no influence. We are all too aware of who is actually calling the shots from the position of the Ketua Perhubungan. Who, of course has his own proxy that he wants in the place of this poor poor dentist who "sanggup bermandi darah!" Toyo tries to resist (but not with darah though). But in his word, "Aku tak ada DUIT!" The rest? Well, there is nothing suspenseful in the story line of this organisation called PKMB. "I jatuh you, you tikam dia". Same old story.

But tv3 discovered something else in the process.

In wanting to outdo and out-manoeuver the other, they must find out as much as possible, what the other side is up to. They indulge in surveilance. They find out each other's spending habits, the women (if any), their private messes etc etc. This they cannot effectively carry out on their own. So they resort to the use of the most special and highly esteemed group of people, from within our midst. FOR A FEE, that is! And this group is what we say in English, SNAIL PIGS. Yes, we in tv3 found it hard to actually believe that this is happening! But we categorically confirm that IT IS HAPPENING!

By the way, Snail Pigs, translated into Malay means SIPUT BABI, a.k.a. SB. Yes all you Bolehlanders out there... the ultimate in Piratisation is under way. And we are talking of nothing less than the Police force! When one considers that these group of creatures will sell their own mothers, for a meagre raise in rank (eg from ACP II to ACP I)...the thought is just HORRIFYING!

Still Barisan Najis in 2004????