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HFM Disease
By Ummi Nasuha

4/10/2000 5:20 am Wed


Nampaknya Laman ni dah canggih dengan penulis yang hebat2 belaka :). Tapi , Ummi sebagai ikan bilis di tengah great whites and tiger sharks of writers nak mencelah sikit. Hanya sebagai renungan bersama. And also, i do not have the figures nor the technical data in scientific terms. Memadai dari personal observation.

Pertengahan bulan lepas, ummi terima email dari webantu berkenaan HFM disease [bukannya hackers group tu, tapi Hand, Foot and Mouth disease :)]. Apa yang ummi faham dari link yang sdr yang dihormati tu ialah, virusnya telah mengalami perubahan [mutation]. I first thought it's somehow a gross thought since for all we have known, hand foot and mouth disease only happens to livestock like cows. Rupa-rupanya, humans get it too now.

Seems to me that we all have been duped by the government. Macam virus coxsackie dan JE - what the govt told us did not seem to be aligned with what other scientific communities found, example like what CDC tried to tell us. Bermatian Chua and health ministry cuba nak meyakinkan kita tentang wabak dua2 penyakit tu, sweeping it under the rugs and shrugged their shoulders!

Dan sekarang, this HFM disease. I'm really concerned about it. One of our cyber friend's daughter was afflicted with 'bronchitis/pneumonia' and german measles. And, another of my personal friend's son is now hospitalised too with the same illness. German measles?? Bukan ke semua kanak2 di malaysia dikehendaki menjalani imunisasi semasa bayi untuk penyakit ni? What is happening? Is it possible that the virus has mutate too, and becoming resistant to the present vaccine?
And we hear that Singapore is closing all nurseries and kindergartens to stop the spread of the highly contagious virus with two deaths now hanging over their heads. Bila Malaysia nak keluarkan arahan yang sama?? Never, i guess.

Tengok sajalah wabak denggi. It was quite serious over in N9, but was kept hush-hush. Not a squeak over the media. But then, when Kelantan was plagued by cholera, seemed that it was like a feeding frenzy for the stinking media rushing out for the chum. Wabak penyakit pun nak dipolitikkan!

So, i hand it over to the health ministry again to take action [if they have b*lls - lah!]