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Re: Fuad Jaafar?
By tv3

9/9/2000 5:27 pm Sat

Assalamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera
Semua Pejuang REFORMASI,

Yes Ummi Nasuha is right on target about Dato' Fuad Jaafar. He has basically finished his contract about two years ago and is currently the "golf pro" at TNB, oops sorry, TBN (Tenaga Barisan Najis). Its very obvious. Someone told me, or was it one of the "fitnahs" on the internet, that one of Bolehland's most pressing problem (after credibility) is the problem of vacuum. Whether it is in politics (they still have not found the clone of mahafir'aun), in the corporate, in the distribution of wealth, in the judiciary...whatever! We in tv3 think that, Fir'aun is so senile, that in looking at 2020, he forgets about 2001!

A little about JJ. A man with no maruah and very low self esteem! tv3 suspect that he must have been promised the executive post by SOMEBODY! Why? As far back as a month ago he has been going around in his Rompin constituency, that he was going to be the next EC of TBN. Suddenly the big turnaround! We in tv3 deduce that there MUST be some form of disagreement between the person who made tha promise to JJ, and the person who override that promise. Do we wonder WHO ARE THESE TWO?

Coming back to TNB oops sorry again, TBN, we have heard that the real man that has been "generating" TBN has been Datuk Sidek Ahmad? Is that true? We hear too that this guy has "a reputation"! In fact one of the very few left around us, that brings with him POSITIVE CONNOTATION when the word "reputation" is used. We hear that he is the real slave driver, very loyal (albeit misplaced but very professional), honest and is very action orientated man!

If what we hear is true, (and so far our investigations have NOT revealed anyting to the contrary) why not Datuk Sidek? Or is this the very quaility they CAN DO WITHOUT? Because with people like him around, nanti, SUSAH CARI MAKAN????