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The Making Of....
By Ummi Nasuha

8/9/2000 6:05 am Fri


earlier today there was a mischievious posting in FGR which asked "how is JJ running the show at TNB? Is he a good boy?" hehe....
lawak aside,.....yes, he's behaving like the perfectly good little boy waiting to have his shoulders be patted by his big boss "well done old chum". A letter has been circulated informing the staff that apa-apa ceramah/kuliah ugama hendaklah di'submit'kan tajuknya terlebih dahulu kepada lembaga. Dan terbaru ialah AJK surau TNB Banting telah digantikan dengan 'ajk dari hq'. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Like saudara tv3 had mentioned too that JJ could be the next pm, i think he's like a pm in the making.

I hereby declare that TNB is now named TBN - Tenaga Barisan Nasional. Happy Squandering guys!