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How Can DPM Act?
By tv3

2/9/2000 10:37 pm Sat

Assalamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera
Semua Pejuang REFORMASI

How can the DPM act when, for all we know, this is as "unplanned" as the Grik arms heist! All Malaysians MUST know that these are now a desperate bunch of power crazy lunatics who realised, but will not admit, that they have a serious credibility problem and that they are losing control. Malaysians of whatever religion must know that in satans' book, THERE IS NO LAW, NO ETHIC, AND NO LET-UPS! To satan, "the ends justifies the means".

We should no longer be amazed that the first official reaction will have something to do with PAS! Or foreign powers! Or the opposition! It is the same old tune. The very reason why they now have the credibility problem.

The Police? Ahhh you mean PIGS? Sorry, they do not have any manpower in Bukit Puaka. They're off. Either busy seeking bribes, or still looking for the mattress that Azaizan had been had on, in Tivoli Villas! How can they investigate? "Kami hanya mengikut perintah!"................Just like dogs which have turned to PIGS!

Lawan Tetap LLllaawwaannnnn.....