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Fwd: MGG - Private Morals Threaten Yet Another State Leader
By web aNtu

20/8/2000 2:45 am Sun

Nampaknya dah berjangkit penyakit MB umno ni - mengapa dan bagaimana ini berlaku? Anwar dihukum tapi orang lain yg jatuh? Itulah satu kuasa yang tidak ada sesiapa pun yang dapat menandinginya......

Yang menarik mereka semua jatuh dengan maruah2 mereka bersekali.

Teringat saya penyakit JE - sebenarnya sudah lama tetapi sengaja disembunyikan. Akhirnya satu bala tentera dan polis dikejarkan untuk membunuh babi2. Disangka dengan tindakkan ini habis semua JE lenyap ke perut bumi, tetapi rupa2 nya ada lagi.... ia bersarang dikerusi MB!

Ada banyak petunjuk dari langit tetapi ramai tidak nampak.

Ternyata hujan itu rahmat, ia mengalirkan air yang tersekat dan membersih bumi yang kotor. Hujan yg sama yg menumbangkan sebuah kondo bernama Highland Towers. Jangan pula terkejut, kalau diktator tua pun ganyang kerana hujan.

Sekarang semua sudah pemimpin2 umno sudah mula demam. Doktor mana mereka jumpa kalau tidak si diktator tua......


[sangkancil] [MGG] Private Morals Threaten Yet Another State Leader

The Prime Minister, having opened the floodgates of private morality destroying the political persona, now cannot stem it. The mentri besar of Selangor, Dato' Seri Abu Ha#san Omar, was forced out of office because of his liaison with his wife's sister, with an 11-year-old child to show for it, when, in the aftermath of the Anwar Ibrahim s###my conviction, it became a political issue. Many knew of this for nearly two decades, but kept their own counsel on the time honoured principle that a man's private life is his own affair. When a state chief minister allegedly had an affair with an underaged girl, his political enemies could not shake him, although he had to resign. That does not hold true now. A sustained villification campaign, with articles in foreign newspapers deliberately planted, 'surat layang', with his predecessor, himself forced out of office for his unusual money transferring arrangements, upping the ante.

It threw the prime minister out of gear, seleting a dentist in his thirties to fill the cavities his supporters create in the body politic. He had to chose someone inoffensive, easily malleable, but relatively new to politics. UMNO politics is so divisive that none of the proposed 11 names could have been appointed without more problems further down the road. The front runner had to be dropped because two state a#semblymen and one MP threatened to resign their seats if he was. Mind you, Dato' Abu Ha#san Omar only resigned as mentri besar, not as state a#semblyman. In other words, what he did wrong is only as mentri besar, not as a state a#semblyman.

Now, another state leader, a chief minister, is involved in a sex scandal. A 'surat layang', making the rounds in the state, accuse him of an affair with a 16-year-old, with a child born recently out of that union. The mother and child are kept in a distant village, her father a#suaged with suitable embellishments, and generally looked after. In the wake of the Abu Ha#san affair, there is pressure on him to come clear and quit. Usually reliable sources say he might just. A recent visitor to the state told me he was apprised of the contents of the 'surat layar' within hours of his arrival there, and by a senior official. So, watch out for developments. The man himself is politically shaky, so the pressure from amongst his own party should not, like in Selangor, be ruled out.

The Prime Minister must review his system of appointing mentris besar and chief ministers, leaving it to the state a#sembly to elect the man most likely to command their support and respect. This could be fractious, produce a leader he may not like, but at least he could command the confidence and respect. At present, because it is left to him to decide, it reduces the state to insignificance, with the chief minister or mentri besar, confident of the Prime Minister's support, behaves as a viceroy. Every crisis involving the appointment or removal of a chief minister or mentri besar revoles around this Prime Ministrial prerogative. This works so long as UMNO dominance was complete. It is not any more. Any state appointment the Prime Minister makes which does not have the confidence of the state a#sembly should from now on expect to be challenged. Not necessarily because of a woman. But if there is a woman involved, he would be rooted out sooner than you could think of his successor. What happened in Selangor is not peculiar to the state.

M.G.G. Pillai