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A Hyprocrite
By web aNtu

14/8/2000 7:51 am Mon

Berikut adalah cebisan2 nota semasa saya belajar satu masa dahulu.

A HYPROCRITE: (from miscellanous hadis)

1. They themselves are misguided and misguide others
2. They have slipped and make others slip too.
3. They change many colours and adopt various ways.
4. They support you with all sorts of supports and lay in waiting for you at every watchbase
5. Their heart are diseased while their faces are clean,
6. Their words speak of cure but their acts are like incurable diseases.
7. They are jealous of ease, intensify distress and destroy hopes.
8. They have false tears for every grief.
9. They eulogise each other and expect reward from each other.
10. When ask for something they insist on it.
11. If they reprove anyone they disgrace him.
12. If they pa#s verdict they commit excess.
13. They have adopted for every truth a wrong way, for every erect thing a bender, for every closed door a key and for every light a lamp.
14. When they speak they create doubts.
15. When they describe they exxagerate.
16. Their words always have double meanings.
17 They always lie in ambush to seduce you.
18 They pretend to be sincere and honest but their hearts are full of hyprocrisy and vileness.
19. They work so artfully and cunningly to mislead you that you cannot easily find out their purpose.
20. They poison every minds without you knowing it, like disease spreading inside your body without you realizing it.
21. They know how to touch your heart and how to gain your ears.
22. They try to raise difficulties for others in the path of religion and Truth.
23. They offer easy path first but afterwards they make them narrow.
24. They have sweet tongue but bitter hearts.
25. They robe themselves in lies.
26. Their tongue are clean but there are sickness hidden in their hearts.
27. A hyprocrite is like a crooked palm trunk which cannot fit in anywhere while thatchin a roof, its owner has no choice but to burn it, for it has no other use.
28. You should know that even the smallest hyprocrisy is like believing in more than one God.

Other Munafeeq Charasteristics:

1- Well grouped
2- Well organised
3- Supports each other
4- Enjoin bad, forbid good
5- Active against Islam
6- Two faced: mu'min, kafeer dan always change identity
7- Become successful in their plots after Hijrah

Nifaq in Actions:

1- Double/mixed motive in doing goodness
2- Commit sin in secret
3- SHow piety in public
4- Dzikr without attention
5- Potray learned personality
6- Exaggerate, cry, laugh, smile, praise others for certain motive.
7- Deny their involvement in bad activities