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Antara rileks dan berperang - buat HC
By web aNtu

13/8/2000 5:32 pm Sun

Artikel drpd sdr HC nampaknya menggegarkan bangunan PAS - malah mungkin lebih kuat drpd gegaran anjing yang mengotori dan menakluki bangunan markaz tarbiah PAS.

Saya ada terbaca satu komen menarik HC mengenai pandangan dari Imam Khomeini, mengenai hukuman terhadap Salman Rushdie itu - decree Imam Khomeini telah menyelamatkan kesemua ugama2 lain yang telah dihina sebegitu rupa. Komen itu diutarakan semasa membincangkan isu budak "cambrige" malaysiakini.

Mungkin sdr HC memerlukan sesuatu pandangan dari Imam Khomeini dlm bab2 penaklukan atau berperang ini. Saya tidak bercadang untuk memberi sebarang komen, kerana ulasan oleh Imam Khomeini ini sudah menjawab kesemuanya sekali:


Komen mengenai Jihad dan Peperangan yang dipaksakan (Imposed War)

The Holy Prophet (saw), being the last of the prophets, brought the most complete and comprehensive of freligions... The Quran, in all its teachings, and the Prophet Saw), in all his acts, represent mercy and blessing for all mankind. The battles of the Prophet (saw) were as great a mercy as his moral teachings. Those who imagine that Islam does not warrant us to say "war until victory" are mistaken. The Quran says:

"Fight until fitnah is no more"

and invites all mankind to fight for the extinguishment of fitnah from the face of the earth...

The Prophet (saw) was a mercy for the whole world, even for the unbelievers whom he fought. This is so because if the world is delivered from fitnah, all can live in peace... When the tyrants are forced to give up oppression, it is a blessing not only for the common people but also for the tyrants themselves.

Because if an infidel is left alone to commit whatever crimes he pleases till the end of his life, his punishment in the Hereafter (Akhirat) will be more than if someone had stopped him sooner. If a wicked man immersed in corruption is caught and killed, it is to his own benefit, because if he were allowed to live he would commit more evil deeds and deserve a greater punishment in the HereAfter (Akhirat)... If the tyrants and oppressors die today, it is better for them than to live for ten years more ..

Therefore, when the Quran says,

"Fight until fitnah is no more"

this command is a great blessing for mankind. Those who imagine that the present life and its animal comforts are all is to human happiness and blessing, say that if Islam is a merciful religion it should not have hudud, qisas and jihad. But those who know better and believe in the punishment of the Hereafter (Akhirat), are convinced that, for example, if a man's hand is amputated for theft, it is a blessing for him which would become manifest in the Hereafter (Akhirat) ...

A religion, if there is one, which forbids war, is defective. I think that if Jesus (as) had the opportunity, he would have fought against unbelievers as Musa (as) and Nuh (as) did before him. Those who imagine that Jesus (as) was averse to war, reduce him to the level of a mere moralist and vitiate his prophethood. A prophet is not a moralist. A prophet has a sword. He makes war and makes peace. Though war is not his ultimate end, he fights in order to deliver the world from its evils. He punishes the criminals to instruct them and brings the people peace and relief.

(Khomeini - Dec 11, 1984)