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Kronologi Memali - Rahsia PDrM
By web aNtu

9/8/2000 9:27 pm Wed

Berikut adalah satu artikel dlm suratkabar Kayhan International, Dec 22, 1985 yang masih saya simpan (sejak 15 tahun yang lalu - masih saya simpan jadi awaslah Mahath1r - engkau akan dibogelkan). Sesiapa yg mahir dan ada masa sila terjemah dan email kpd saya utk siaran. Berikut adalah isi artikel tersebut (minus beberapa section yg tak significant kerana tak larat nak taip)

Tujuan artikel ini diterbitkan sekarang adalah kerana ada ciri2 yg menarik yg akan saya ulas menyusul nanti. Terdapat byk persamaan kes ini dgn kes al Maunah N kes AI - iaitu beberapa pehak di beri arahan yg "mengelirukan" serta pihak yg tidak bersalah diperangkap oleh "misinformation" ini sehingga mengakibatkan insan2 tertentu dihukum, dibunuh atau diaib sebegitu rupa. Komen saya akan menyusul.... insya Allah. Yg penting polis sudah dirobotkan oleh Mahath1r yg berada di cina pada waktu tragedi ini dan PDrM Bkt Aman menyempurnakan rancangan mahath1r. Siapakah ketua polis masa ini? Cuba teka!


New Facts Concerning Hapus Operation in Malaysia:

a#salamu 'alaikum,

I am sending u the 1st hand coverage of Memali, Baling tragedy with the hope that you will print it N give it as much prominence as possible. For security reasons I wish to remain anonymous.

Baling, a district of Kedah, north M'sia, had experienced many tragedies in the past with the outlawed Malayan Communist Party, which is supported by Peking.

Strangely, the tragedy which occured on the 19th Nov 1985, at a time when the PM of M'sia, Dr Mahath1r muhammad, was on official visit to Communist CHina, was one that resulted in the matyrdom of 14 muslims, who had pledges to prefer "shahadat" to secularism, The man who would rather lose his life for truth rather than succumb to force, was one Ibrahim Mahmud.

Background of Ibrahim Mahmood:

Ibrahim, aged 43, was a well respected muslim in Kg Memali, Mukim SiongBaling, in the state of Kedah. Well travelled N learned in Islam, Ibrahim was a graduate of Azhar University and had further pursued Islamic post-grad courses in India N Libya, On his return from the many Islamic centers of the world, Ibrahim worked for the gov. as a prosecutor in the Religious Division of th PM's Dept.

During his tenure of office, Ibrahim used to give lectureson Islam over Television M'sia.

Disillusioned with the system prevalent, Ibrahim Mahmood left the gov. service N began to teach in some private religious school in a Kpg called Memali. Subsequently, Ibrahim opened his own religious school at the same place to serve thr Muslims.

Conversant with the conspiracies perpetuated by the neo-colonialist, against true Islam, Ibrahim Mahmood joined the only Islamic Paty in M'sia .. PAS.

Ibrahim gave the party the universal aproachand widened the scope of parochial party politics to become an Islamic movement, which encompa#ses all Muslimsw who were willing to live and die for Islam. Ibrahim strongly attached the necessity of martyrdom and ulema leadership as prerequisites for Islamic independence, freedom N unity. He believed that Islam could only be meaningful in an Islamic Republic.

In 1978, Ibrahim stood for elections on PAS ticket, in the Bayu-Baling Constituency, getting as many as 5,801 votes to that of BN candidate, who obtained 6,169 votes. In 1982 elections, Ibrahim lost to the BN by a mere 100 votes.

Much like, Ibrahim loved children N was very respectful of the womenfolks.

Simple in his ways he truly was symbolic of clean living, amongst the poorest people in M'sia. Ibrahim was offered high positions by non Muslim parties if he forsake his flight for the poor N oppressed but true to his nature, he declined the comforts of the world in order to serve those who loved God. His life had been threatened on many occasions with detention N death, which he set aside as unimportant.

After the 1982 elections the order for the detention of Ibrahim under the dreaded ISA was made by Min. of Internal Affairs.

Much to their dismay the committed thousands of supporters of Ibrahim made the order a worthlesss pc of paper.

Plans for his arrest continued only to lead to his eventual victory in attaining matyrdom together with 13 companions at the hands of "mercenary" forces, whose love for the world excel all else, Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar.

The followingare hour to hour development at Kg Memali, Mukim Siong, Baling, which led to the matyrdom of Ibrahim N 13 others.

The account given below, taken from the computer of the SIgnals Division of the Royal Malaysian Police Force which monitored events of the Baling tragedy is for the information of the PM; including facts given by some of the injured, who escaped police dragnet:


001: About 1935 hours (18/11/1985) at the Field Force camp at Sungai Petani, Kedah, 3,600 police personnel from several divisions including the Federal Reserve Unit (Penang State), Field Force (Senoi Prak), Uniformed Police, Field Force Commando 69, were all action-ready, awaiting orders.

The outfit was under the command of a senior officer from the Police Headquarters (Bukit Aman in Kuala Lumpur) aided by several junior officers from Bukit Aman, Kedah, Perlis and Penang.

002: At 1945 hours (18/11/85) the senior officer in command from Bukit Aman issued orders that the outfit present were to make a surprise attack upon a communist camp in the district of Baling, which borders Thailand.

003: At 2005 (18/71185) there was
commotion in the operation room at Sungal Petani between the Field Force Officer-in- Charge Sungai Petani and the Senior Officer-in- Charge from Bukit Aman on the ground that the order was a fake and that the order to attack (to kill) upon the communist camp was really one upon Ibrahim Mahmood, his students and all those present In the Madrasah built by the Kampong (village) folks.

The Field Force officer-in-charge told the senior officer from Bukit Aman that Ibrahim Mahmood is considered by him and his fellow- officers as a Ulamak, and many of them are his students. At this juncture, there evolved a dilemma and silence prevailed.

004: The senior officer-in-charge tried in vain to contact the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bukit Aman He then tried and succeeded in contacting Musa }Hitam, the !Minister of the Interior. The Field Force officer-in-charge Sungai Petani was given the line to speak to Musa Hitam.

Despite his plea that Ibrahim Mahmood was a much respected Ulamak, who had done much for improving the lot of the poor and discarded people of Kampong Mamali, that he was well- known and regarded highly by the friends and foes, yet it became known that the Minister of the interior ordered that the attack be launched.

Note: Most of the police involved in the operation were non-Muslims or those who were indifferent to Islam. The secret operation was personally given the code name ?Hapus? (annihilate) by Musa Hitam.

005: 20:45 hours (18/11/85) a party was organized on the open field at the Field Force camp at Sungai Petani at which only beer and alcoholic drinks were served to all units. Some members of the Field Force Sungai Petani did not drink.

006: A: 21:28 hours (18/11/85) a wireless message was received by the Commander-in- Charge of Operations ?Hapus,? from the Police Office Baling that the 10 Field Force commandos succeeded in entering Mamali that morning and had returned with a full report on the situation and the activities surrounding the Madrasah (religious school) of Ibrahim Mahmood, which was to be the target of the attack.

007: At 21:47 hours (18/11/85) the different units begin to move out in stages under the command of 8 Junior Officers (units) entering Baling in two armored vehicles.

The officer commanding the Sungai Petani unit showed disinterestedness a: that moment. At the very moment at Kampong Mamali Ibrahim Mahmood was conducting the religious cla#ses with about 50 students in attendance which went on until 23:45 hours, after which some returned home while most slept at the Madrasah.

008: At 24:00 hours (18/11/85) the
Commanding Officer from Bukit Aman received further and final Instructions before giving the go-ahead order for Operation ?Hapus?

There was much dissatisfaction by the Sungai Petani unit which still Insisted that the operation be one to blockade the above- mentioned area In order make Ibrahim
Mahmood surrender himself. It was calculated that such an operation might take three months.

The Commanding Officer from Bukit Aman support by another officer from Bukit Aman and the O.C.P.D Baling did not agree with the stand of the officers from Sungai Petani as they believed that the delay might result in a conflict between the police and the Army which were stationed at the Malysiat/Thailand border, Baling , Sik. This was so because about 90% of those mention army personnel fully supported the Islamic Movement and Ibrahim Mahmood.

Matters turn to worse again. Again Musa Hitam was contacted. This time the officer in- charge was told that Musa Hitam was not available as he was at some hotel Kuala Lumpur. In the meantime, the Deputy Minister the interior Radzi Ahmad was stationed at Penang Police Headquarters to follow
developments ,of Operation ?Hapus.? Soon a call came through front Musa Hitam who sounded annoyed and angry. Musa did not say much but merely: ?Annihilate even if it is the whole State of Kedah.?

At Kampong Mamali: A motorcyclist is seen stopping in front of the arch leading to the house of Ibrahim Mahmood.

A young man is seen hurrying to the
door the house of Ibrahim asking permission to enter. He informed the people that he had just arrived from Baling and had seen many police personnel there.

Ibrahim was awakened and all the 39 others who were staying during the night in the Madrasah woke up and began preparing for the impeding attack by the police. They began to gather household paraphernalia's like axes, knives, bamboo sticks, which were sharpened. The more enterprising among them began to make ?molotov bombs.? In short each person had some crude weapon, included in the "peoples army? were 4 children and 5 women.

Ibrahim then went together with the others to take water for ablution from the nearby well. This was followed by Sunnat prayers and Hajat prayers. This was followed by the recitation of Sura ?Yasin? and ?Zikr.? Ibrahim Mahmood then told his brothers-In-islam that he was ready for shahadat rather than give In or surrender those who were imbibed with the spirit of Nationalism.

Ibrahim Mahmood asked those present to leave if they were still in doubt. No one moved, and the soul-stirring sound of ?Allah-o-Akbar? pierced the silence of Kampong Mamali, indicating that all present preferred martyr dom to ?disguised? slavery.

in the meanwhile, at the Police Station in the District Baling there was much activity for making preparation for the impeding attack on Kampong Mamali -- most the police personnel were drunk and undisciplined.

009: At 01:00 hours (19/11/85) 3,600
policemen including several low-ranking officers equipped with automatic arms arrived at Kampong Mamali in hi armored vehicles. The blockade of the Kampong had began.

Musa Hitam must still be in the hotel in Kuala Lumpur as he could not be communicated with instead all communication was from the Deputy Minister of the Interior stationed in Penang. Most of the newly-arrived police personnel were still with the impression that the attack was as indicated earlier by the Officer from Bukit Aman, that is, on a Communist camp. The contingent from Sungai Petani was very small and unsure of as to what was to be attacked, this was gathered from their conversation.

010: At 03:00 hours (19/11/85) Kampong Mamali has been completely blocked by the various police units. The uniformed police was only to man roadblocks to and from Kampong. The Field Force was directed to the south, the Federal Reserve Unit to the north and the Commando 69 (FF) behind the religious school- cum-house of Ibrahim Mahmood.

011: At 03:36 hours (19/11/85) the senior officer from Bukit Aman, who was officer-In-charge of Operations "Hapus," spoke through loud- speakers from a police truck calling upon Ibrahim Mahmood to surrender.

There was some discussion in the house of Ibrahim and it was agreed there would be no surrendering to injustice even if they appeared in uniforms representing the law. There was then heard from within the house "takbir" followed by the shout of Allah-o-Akbar.

012: About 04:00 hours (19/11/85) a group of about 30 people, including some women and children suddenly appeared from the north running between the Field Force Unit and the Commandos 69 outfit, carrying with them sharp objects that were usually used for planting paddy. It seems they were making a bid to enter the house of Ibrahim In order to give him their support.

The men of Commandos 69 in their drunken state carelessly began to shoot, but missed their target. The Kampong people began to withdraw from the scene, seeing the odds were too great.

A little later it was found that a senior officer, a junior officer and a constable of the Field Force Unit were hit by the bullets coming from the Commandos 69 Unit, which was meant for the Kampong folks, who had earlier appeared. There seem to be chaos among the police personnel.

A meeting was called to resolve the "accident." The blockade was once again continued. Some officers from Alor Star tried to put off the blockade for they believed the consequences would be bad as Allah had showed signs that their action was wrong, when 3 of their own police personnel were killed by police guns. The Commanding Officer of "Hapus," set the request aside.

013: At 05:21 hours (19/11/85) Azan (call to prayers) was heard coming from the house of Ibrahim. It was a very touching moment for the policemen from Alor Star, who still doubted the motive of the whole operation.

The voice of Ibrahim was heard reciting the Quran and it seemed that Ibrahim was leading the "Subuh" prayers.

At this juncture, the Commanding Officer of Operations "Hapus" called for the attack to begin. He was opposed by some officers, who were Muslims who requested that the attack be commenced after the "Subuh" prayers.

014: At 05:59 hours (19/11/1985) the "Subuh" prayers ended and the blockade was further tightened. Suddenly the group of Kampong people who had earlier appeared made a reappearance now from the tight, heading towards the house of Ibrahim. They were met heads on by the Field Force. The group rushing with their clenched fists and crude Kampong and household weapons faced the impending death with shouts of "Allah-o- Akbar."

The Field Force officers, who were still in doubt as to the object of the attack ordered a retreat - to be only in a defensive position.

As time went on, the whole operation to annihilate Ibrahim and those with him during the early hours of the morning seemed jeopardized by the rising of the sun. Now, there was no more secrecy nor the surprise element.

Note: All leading Muslim leaders before the operation was launched, had been arrested during the night. We might ask the question as to whether the darkness of night could hide such evil deeds?

015: At 08:15 hours (19/11/85). After getting the orders from the Deputy Minister of the Internal Affairs from Penang, the Commanding Officer ordered the two armored vehicles to attack the house of Ibrahim. The attackers were met by "molotov bombs" and this led to their eventual retreat while firing their automatic weapons at the above-mentioned house.

At that time, four women and three children ran out of the house. They had been asked by Ibrahim to vacate the house as the condition was becoming critical. These people were soon outnumbered and captured by the Federal Reserve Unit. They were then hustled into the awaiting trucks which were guarded by police dogs.

At the same time the attack continued. Shots were fired in the direction of the house of Ibrahim. Within the house was heard the call of "Allah-o- Akbar" continuously.

016: At 11:05 (19/11/85) the Commando 69 Unit was ordered to attack the house of Ibrahim.

017: At 11:36 hours (19/11,85) the men of Commando 69 Unit managed to shoot themselves into the house of Ibrahim. There ensued some scuffling. Ibrahim and his friends fought back with home-made weapons. Some of the men in the house began to rush out of the house to fight the police outside. In the ensuing melee, the police opened fire at the people, some of whom had nothing but their clenched fists. All the while, "Allah-o-Akbar" was at the lips of the fighters. Many were shot dead while some were critically injured.

Ibrahim himself was attacked by several members of the Commando 69. Ibrahim managed to kill one of them, but another shot Ibrahim, the bullets piercing into the right side of his chest.

Ibrahim fell with his fist still clenched and in an effort to raise it while from his mouth set forth the words "Allah-oAkbar." One police personnel from Alor Star rushed up and put Ibrahim's head on his lap... It was then that Ibrahim was heard to have uttered his Last words, "Alhamdulillah, for making me and my brothers whose life you have taken, Shahids."

018: At 12:13 hours (19/11/85) the attack came to an end. Those who were caught were tied up arid put into gunny sacks. Some of the Commando 69 men were seen to kick the dead to see if they were still alive, and some of them shot at the dead while saying, "To hell with Islam."

019: At 13:05 hours (19/11/85) the Commanding Officer reported back to Penang and later to Kuala
Lumpur, to Musa Hitam himself. Musa Hitam then ordered that all inhabitants of the Kampong must be arrested in order: to keep the truth of what really had happened in Mamali a secret.

020: At 15.00) hours (19/11/85) mopping up operations ended with those arrested being flown off in two police helicopters, while those killed and injured were also flown to be sent to hospitals in Sungai Petani (the 4 martyred) and Alor Star (10 martyred, including the body of Al Shahid Ibrahim Mahmood).

021,: At 15:10 hours (19/11/85) about 30 people in army uniforms with automatic arms arrived in the area facing the house of Shahid Ibrahim.

They were in a very angry mood and seemed ready to confront the huge number of police there. The Commander of operations "Hapus" was met by one of the newly-arrived men in uniform. There seemed to be a heated
argument between them.

The police personnel present was then put on alert to fight back if the situation became explosive. Knowing that the odds were against them, the men in Army uniforms retreated, saying: "Today is your day, and you can do anything you like, but remember, another time shall soon come and we shall face you with our weapons and in a more even


Any rational, right-thinking man on the street can judge by the above reports and biography of Shahid Ibrahim Mahmood that he was as far away from being criminal as Musa Hitam can be called a Muslim. Yet the Zionist-orientated press, the New Straits Times, on 21/11/85 on its front page read: "Four Policemen, 14 Criminals Die in Clash." In the same issue of the said
paper, Musa Hitam labeled the martyred Ibrahim and 13 others as criminals and religious deviationists, completely discarding the statement made by the Islamic Religious Council of Kedah, which `found that Ustad Ibrahim was only giving religious `cheramahs'. Further Musa Hitam, during a press conference after the Mamali tragedy, said that he was `criticized' twice in the UMNO general a#sembly for his seeming inaction with regard to these activities.

When we take into cognizance the above mentioned facts together with the past election results and the meager edge the Barisan National candidate won over Ustad Ibrahim, one can deduce that the whole objective of "Operations Hapus" was political, namely to get rid UMNO of Ibrahim Mahmood in - the imminent threat it faced - mantaining the Bayu/Baling seat in the forthcoming elections.

UMNO's Dilemma

Where lies UMNO's priorities after the Mamali slaughter? If UMNO claims that it is an Islamic Party then its leaders have committed treason against God for having masterminded the ma#sacre at Mamali which led to the martyrdom of many. If, however, UMNO claims that it is a Nationalistic Party then its leaders have betrayed the very basis of its existence by killing Malays, whom UMNO has sworn to protect. The action of these UMNO leaders may bring civil war among the Malays.

Such utter disregard for lives has resulted in some UMNO members being disillusioned about the sincerity of their Deputy President. Musa Hitam seems to want notoriety, been labeled with. As General Benny Murdani (his Indonesian counterpart), has. He has been nicknamed as "political animal" and "Muslim killer".

As a Zionist agent this is expected of General Murdard, being a non-Muslim, but why Musa Hitam? UMNO, by such actions has proven that it is neither for the Malays nor for Islam, though the names of both have been made the means for maintaining power.

The Chinese and Indian ultras are steadily converging among themselves, using the Important Malays as their temporary "champions". To resolve this deteriorating yet complex matter, Dr. Mahathir needs now to write about the UMNO dilemma.

The Aftermath of the Mamali/Baling Tragedy Kampong Mamali, which was at one time bustling with life is now deadly silent -- a ghost town. Most of its inhabitants have fled fearing police persecution or attest. As many as 159 of its sons and daughters have been arrested, their only sin being that they wanted the true Islam.

These people, which included children and the aged, are being detained in three small rooms at a detention camp.

The women are mixed with the men. There is NO facility to pray and the internees are exposed to humiliation and constant hara#sment.

Babies are not given milk and are seen crying for their mothers, who have been separated from them.

Each in turn is given only one bowl of porridge a day. The critically-injured were sent to the District Hospital at Sungai Petani and Alor Star.

They were given out-patient treatment, which is most inhuman. If matters are not changed for the better more martyrdom will result in the next few days.

Thirteen of the martyred, including Ibrahim Mahmood were buried together in their blood- soaked clothes at a graveyard at Parit Panjag, Baling. The other martyr, at the request for his mother was buried in Alor Star.

To Musa Hitam and the Commander-in-Charge of "Operations Hapus" the case is closed.

The non-Muslims ultras are tickled at the prospect of an impending civil strife between the Malays (who are all Muslims).

The Malays have come to realize the dangers of nationalism and the type of power it may create.

To the martyred, it is the greatest achievement of their lives, for they have returned to their Creator and at the same time have set the right trend for the Muslims of Malaysia - jointly with their Muslim brothers across the world, to understand what it takes to be a true Muslim.

By order of Musa Hitam, large number of innocent men, women and children have been arbitrarily arrested and interned under despicable conditions.

Till today neither the actual number or the names of those falsely arrested have been published.

Those interned have neither been charged nor brought before a magistrate as is mandatory by law.

Why has the government not acted similarly in the BMF scandal?

Is the Mamali ma#sacre another means of diverting the people's attention from the greatest day-light "robbery" in Malaysian history? Billions of public funds were lost and an honest man was murdered, yet the government was all hush-hush and lenient that the BMF matter is still an open affair with no end in sight.

Yet when it comes to a learned theologian, who tries to help the oppressed and poor, he is so mercilessly haunted and killed. Where lies the rule of law, justice and truth?

Those responsible for the tragedy of Mamali must be brought to trial. Malay blood must not be spilled on Malay land under the false notion that Islam supports "National- ism". Not only the Pan-Malaysian Muslim Party, but all Muslims who are worth their name, in and outside UMNO, have demanded that the government set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to thoroughly investigate the Mamali tragedy and issue a White Paper based upon its findings for public review. In the meantime, no elections should take place before the White Paper is issued.

Epitaph for the Shahids

(Sura Alii Imran. Ayat 169)'

Dated this 27th Day November 1985
14th Rabi-ul-Awwal 1406

Voice of Islam - Malaysia.

-- ooOoo --

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