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Fwd: AI statement 8/8/00
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9/8/2000 3:18 am Wed


Anwar Ibrahim's Statement to the Court after Conviction and before Sentencing on 8 August 2000

A Nobel Peace Laureate who is also a leader of a nation recently made this remark: "The Anwar Case ceased to be a legal case a long time ago!"

In the beginning, there were indeed some who maintained some confidence in the Malaysian court system. They thought there was still a chance that this court would exonerate me. But they have seen how the trial was conducted, and they have concluded that this case has nothing to do with the crime. There has been no criminal trial in this court, only political persecution.

I agree that no one is above the law. But that principle is not applied to Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir. Instead the court acquiesced to his insolence. I have steadfastly maintained that I am the victim of political conspiracy, through a web of intrigue, orchestrated by the maestro Dr. Mahathir. Despite strenuous appeals, my counsels were prevented from questioning this principal witness.

The pronouncement of your judgement today was a mere formality, according to preordained script of the conspirators. It is inconceivable that anyone can be found guilty with such clear incontrovertible evidence of fabrication. There is absolutely no cogent evidence that I have committed the offence. Azizan accused that retracted in 1997, made a statutory Declaration denying the allegations in 1998, than under oath in court in 1998, 1999, accused again then denied that he was ever s###mised, then amended not after May, yet again soon after September 1992. He lied in the Shariah Court of committing khalwat offence and later admitted both of khalwat and adultery and was convicted subsequently. And this court ruled that this is a credible and consistent witness!

Our challenge to have him examined by doctors was conveniently ignored. The dates January to March 1993 was on the suggestion of the police officer. Our alibi on the said premise at Tivoli Villa and my movements were never challenged by the prosecution. It?s a conviction based on conjectures and imagination.

I never dreaded this judgement. It has legal basis. It is unjust, disgraceful and revolting. It does not disgrace me; it disgraces you, the judiciary and this nation of ours.

I reiterate my innocence with a clear conscience. I will fight even from behind iron bars and prison walls. Truth and justice cannot but prevail. Let the plotters plot all they want, for God is still the best of schemers.

Dr. Mahathir could have used the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) to imprison me for as long as he wanted, without destroying the judiciary and without sullying the Attorney General?s chambers. But he is a coward who would not take responsibility for his own evil. So he uses the courts, and with the same stroke, he completes the destruction of the judiciary.

Nonetheless, the proceedings during the trial reveal the deplorable methods used by the police, the absurdities of our adversarial system of justice malicious prosecution and corruption involving the ruling clique. Dr. Mahathir?s lust for power is insatiable. He will lie and force others to lie to save himself. He has lied in the face of the testimony of the former Anti Corruption Agency Director-General, Dato Shafie Yahaya. Not only did he lie by denying that he ordered the investigation stopped, he went further by instructing a deputy minister to tell Parliament that the investigation was never closed. He had lied about my being a#saulted as self-inflicted. He had lied that the cost of his Putrajaya Palace was only 17 million Ringgit. He lied that his children did not benefit from the government despite billions of Ringgit worth of contracts, privatisation, shares allocation and bailout.

His other colleagues would naturally echo. Chief Justice Tun Eusoff Chin lied to the public when he said he did not take a holiday with lawyer V. K. Lingam in New Zealand. Instead of investigating the alleged improprieties, Dr. Mahathir has extended his service beyond his retirement date "to see that everything is in place."

During my 17 years of government service, I was loyal to the government and the Prime Minister. But mine was a loyalty based on principles. If justice, the law or public interest were threatened, I would defy Dr. Mahathir. I objected to the use of ma#sive public funds to rescue the failed businesses of his children and cronies. Here was where respect of justice and public interest overcame loyalty to the Prime Minister. And it was precisely because I defied him and sided with public interest that I was dismissed and persecuted.

This is a small sacrifice to pay in the cause of democracy and justice. But I worry for the nation. Corruption is endemic. The pillars of democracy civil society and the rule of lay are shattered.

This nation needs reform and renewal. To Dr. Mahathir and his greedy family and cronies, I say beware the wrath of the people, for the people are rising to reclaim justice, they are rising against graft and abuse of power. And, to the champions of Reformasi, I salute you for your courage and urge that you keep your fighting spirit.


High Court, Kuala Lumpur

(in lien of mitigation)

August 8, 2000

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