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and just leave it to the readers?
By Ummi Nasuha

9/8/2000 1:12 am Wed


Setuju dengan pengamatan sdr webantu. There was something fishy long before "surat dari Marina" was published. And, trivial matters pulak yang dapat limelight, daripada isu2 yang lebih serious. "unwelcome wake up call" dan surat yang sekutu dengannya "show more consideration please" contoh trivial, ringan, remehtemeh [ bagi Ummi amat mencabar!] tapi ibarat one small spark at the end of a long trail of gunpowder coming out of the keg. Is that the real motive of malaysiakini? Paranoid aside, this must be stopped.
Or, shall we leave to the readers to judge by themselves? And will that mean that we muslims should put back our fight into the freezer again? And close our eyes when writers begin their 'acupuncture treatment' in order to bring back the normal flow of yin and yang inside the old goat's head??????? is it possible?