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Fwd: Vengaboys - malaysiakini dikritik
By web aNtu

4/8/2000 11:27 am Fri

Kerosakkan Islam adalah disebabkan tindak-tanduk org bernama Islam sendiri

- mereka memberi "lesen" utk aktiviti sebegini. Siapa yg memberi lesen ini
kalau tidak org yg "ada kuasa" - baik kuasa melobi atau kuasa politik. Mereka
inilah yg berpura2 dgn slogan nilai Islam tapi ada "b3rak" tak basuh kat

Bila org Islam sendiri yg tidak faham tapi cuba memberi pandangan dlm satu
media yg dibaca ramai ini amat berbahaya. Sebagai webmaster, saya cukup
berdukacita dgn penulisan Farish Nor. Tahniah kpd sdr HC kerana pandangan HC
disiarkan di sana.

Dalam memperjuangkan Islam - tiada markah atau pingat diperlukan - repeat -
tidak ada markah yg dikejarkan malah bukan sahaja "markah dlm kocek sendiri" yg
terpaksa dikeluarkan tetapi jiwa sendiri terpaksa dikorbankan (jihad) utk
menegakkan yg haq bila perlu. Gerakan Islam bukan gerakan mengejar populariti -
tetapi satu gerakan mengejar keredhaan ilahi - walaupun manusia membencinya! ^

Islam mengajar umatnya berkorban utk mendapat keredhaan tuhan, bukan keredhaan
manusia. Parti Islam tidak mengejar markah - kerana markah penuh pun masih tak
cukup kalau tuhan tidak redha - ini kita kena faham. Jangan menuduh parti2 atau
gerakan Islam gila markah - ini tuduhan org yg tidak faham!!

Berikut ada lagi komen dlm perkara ini melalui ADIL-Net


Sumber: ADIL-Net

Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 23:30:13 +0800
From: Abdul Rahman
Subject: What's The Fuss About Vengaboys Protest

Dear Editor,

I am really much amused by both Farish A Noor's and Yoon Szu Mae's
rantings over Muslim students' (Gamis) protest against the Vengaboys concert
(Ramayana and Vengaboys, July 29; Debauchery in the mind of the beholder?,
July 31).

The irony is that on one hand they both talk about the freedom of
speech as their basic premise, while they forgot that it is the rights
of GAMIS to express their protest against the concert. Furthermore,
both writers failed to refer to the REASONING given by GAMIS on their

What we read in both writings is merely Farish'es and Yoon's
GENERALISATION based upon their own intrepretation of Gamis'es action.

Yoon Szu then tried to show that the concert was not in contrast
with the Eastern culture by giving his own account of the concert. It
is my a#sumption that his main motivation for this critisicm is his own
liking of the technopop group, Vengaboys.

In case Yonn Zse still has doubt about Vengaboys'es disrespect of
the eastern culture, let me quote a song from Vengaboy entitle


I'd like to ask Farish Noor and Yoon Sze, which Eastern culture supports
CALLS for FORNICATION and ADULTERY such as being sung by Vengaboys in
one of their gretest hits????.

Groups like Vengaboys and the likes PROMOTES FREE SEX, FORNICATION,
ADULTERY, as they symbolize the CULTURE OF HEDONISME. The fact that
there are NO IMMORAL ACT witnessed by Yoon Sze does not change the fact
that by allowing groups like Vengaboys to perform in Malaysia, we are
showing approval to Malaysian to the CULTURES being promoted by HEDONISME
PROMOTING groups like Vengaboys.

While MCA is declaring war against Ecstasy Pills abuse among Chinese
youth and the ever so dangerous problem of drug abuse among Malay Youth
plus so many other social problem prevailing in the Malaysian soceity,
by allowing vengaboys to perform would only make the problem worst.

Furthermore, what is more amusing is Yoon Sze pathethic excuse for the
clothes that the performers wear. He legitamize the clothes by the fact
that the same fashion is sold in local stores. In other words, Yoon
Sze's sense of the truth is based upon what capitalists decides to
market in Malaysia.
It does not mean that whatever fashion being marketed in Malaysia is
right to Malaysians.

This Farish and Yoon Sze FAILED TO ANALYZED. Instead both of them
resort to their normal HOLLIER THAN THOU line of attacks while
forgetting to look at the issue from a WIDER PERSPECTIVE.

I am personally APPALED by their NARROW MINDEDNESS as they have shown it
in their writings. I am also irked by their BOAST and how they hide
their hypocrisy behind the idea of Freedom Of Choice. It is a fact that
Freedom Of Choice is still SUBJECT TO INTERPRETATION. If want to follow
the WESTERN MODEL of the idea, then are we willing to have six year olds
shooting at his cla#smates like the one in Colorado???. If we do not
then it is time for us to reject ideas like the ones promoted by Farish,
Yoon Sze and the likes.

Abdul Rahman Abdul Talib

Link Reference : Newskini