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And the Aftermath of the Scandal...
By tv3

9/6/2000 7:17 pm Fri

a#salamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera
Semua Pejuang REFORMASI,

And yes there was indeed an investigation by the ACA (at that time the Biro Siasatan Negara) into the scandal. Guess upon who's insistance? Yes, DSAI!

The result of the investigation was of course positive! i.e. there was evidence of wrong doing. Samy was terrified. He CRIED! Yes he WAILED in front of DSAI, begging for another chance. He even took cash....lots of cash (tv3 tak ingat the exact amount) but in the millions to the office of the then AG, Tan Sri Abu Talib, pleading that he was returning the cash and additionally, offered the AG "anything" to make up so long as he is not prosecuted!

This scenario is NOT made up! tv3 takut dengan bala dan laknat Allah akibat FITNAH. And it was as a result of this horse trading that SAPURA got the 017 mobile phone licence, and of course the AG too took his cut! The sour thing about that "deal" was that the AG underestimated this Samy's GREED (He was then the Energy, Post and Telecoms Minister). Instead of maintaining the niche for SAPURA, soon after, the same licences were issued to MUTIARA (Vincent Lingam Tan) and EMARTEL (MRCB).

And SAMY................he is still a Minister and the PRESIDENT of the CARETAKER OF THE INDIANS. God Bless you, my Indian BROTHERS!!!!!!!