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Now For Telekom Malaysia?
By tv3

13/4/2000 7:04 pm Thu

a#salamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera
Semua Pejuang REFORMASI,

Punters (or is it gamblers?) on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, are in a state of "mild shock" over the last week or so, with the drop of the Composite Index. How can it be? "Ekonomi dah naik!??......"

Here's tv3's a#sessment of the scenario.

The fall, if looked closely, is mainly due the fall in telecommunications counters, led of course by Telekom Malaysia. As with 99.99% of the companies listed in the KLSE, rises and falls in market capitalisation is 99.99% speculation (GAMBLING) and 0.01% fundamental. The announcement by the GOONS in power, that access fees for mobiles, is to be waived, or left to be determined by market forces, is the root cause! How? It is an open secret that a major chunk on the P&L of these Companies (and of course the Cash Flow too!) are contributed by these access fees. With the announcement, it is "HOPED" that the share prices of these telecommunication companies (Telekom Malaysia being the chief target) will fall!

And when it does (as is happenning), "someone" will sweep these cheap shares! And we can all be SURE, that soon after this "sweeper" becomes the single majority shareholder, Qarun Malaysia will announce to "unnannounce the announcement"! VOILA!!! we have another legitimate ROBBERY!

No prizes for guessing WHO IS BEHIND THIS CON!!!