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dua-dua betul
By Ummi Nasuha

29/3/2000 5:32 pm Wed

Salam semua :)

rasanya dua-dua tu betul, lagipun it doesnt hurt for him to keep a low profile right until the perhimpunan......and he knows darn well that the more he opens his mouth, more lies would come forth, more people would hate him......and also, being the big chicken that he has proved to us now[evading the courts]he will not have reporters asking him "so Datuk Seri, apa komen datuk tentang menteri brutal pahang tempohari"????? ha, apa si tua ni nak jawab? so, he leaves it to his ever-ready and ever-willing pencacai si panadollah tu.......

btw, what's with some postings that have been you-know-what by you-know-who tu??hehehehehe