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NetCensor - Bernama kena kata dua
By web aNtu

5/3/2000 1:20 am Sun

Nampaknya bernama sudah kena tegur oleh JPM sebab melapurkan kata2 Chor Chee - timb menteri KDN ini.

"They cannot claim that no one can control the Internet version," he said.

Ucapan Chor telah bercanggah dgn kriteria MSC sendiri.

Kalau harakah mungkin dah saman dah, tapi sebab bernama itu SIAL punya, tidak ada saman - cuma TEGUR aje! Sepatutnya bernama pun 2x sebulan jugak, baru tahu lingkup atau tidak bernama ni - baru jadi tak bernama - 'Anonymous' kata orang!!.

UMNO sebenarnya mahu mengawal segala-galanya. Kalau manusia, umno mahu ia di tangkap sprt Ezam, Azmin, Karpal, Marina dll. Kalau akhbar, umno mahu ia ditekan dan dibungkus.

Mmana boleh hidup bang, kalau 2x sebulan, berapa sen boleh untung? Kalau tak untung macam mana nak bergerak? Yuran ahli pun berapa sangat - tak cukup bang.... Buat apa tubuh parti kalau tidak boleh nak bergerak? Kalau buat ceramah permit sikit punye susah nak dapat. Kalau kutip derma, dituduh guna ugama utk politik pulak! Kalau masuk masjid dituduh memecahbelahkan masyarakat pula. Pertubuhan apa boleh hidup kalau tidak ada aktiviti - dan semua aktiviti kini memerlukan tenaga N wang. Kalau kedua2 perkara ini tidak ada, macam mana nak bergerak? UMNO sebenarnya mahu ada pertubuhan tapi tidak mahu yg boleh bergerak lebih laju N dapat menyaingi umno sendiri!!!!!

Kalau umno segala2 nya dapat - sampai live coverage pun dapat.

Tapi sampai sekarang, umno tidak akan dapat menyakinkan masyarakat bahawa umnolah yg betul N org lain semuanya salah.

Dgn Umno menghukum N menghina AI tanpa mengikuti syara', Umno sendiri sudah tidak mengikut Islam, N UMNO sendirilah yg memecah belahkan masyarakat.

Kalau Harakah menyiarkan fitnah N benda yg tidak benar, KDN sepatutnya menyatakan yang mana satu tidak BENAR N yg mana satu FITNAH. Sebenarnya KDN saja mencari alasan kerana tindak-tanduk KDN mencerminkan ketuanya, ie Dollah badawi. Yg jelas UMNO tidak mahu hidup dlm kritikkan, tidak mahu kejahatannya dipersoal, tidak ingin rakyat kaya dgn maklumat. UMNO hanya mahu rakyat miskin ilmu supaya mereka senang ditipu, sebab itu ulamak dihina sedemikian rupa, dan Islam cuba diceraikan daripada sebarang perjuangan.

Percayalah umno sebenarnya pembunuh, dan sekarang umno sedang membunuh harakah, dan seterusnya PAS, dan pembunuhan ini dilakukan perlahan-lahan. Tapi jangan bimbang, setiap luka boleh disembuhkan. Tapi kali ini byk balutan N ubat diperlukan - N anda sendirilah yg mesti berKORBAN menyediakan balutan2 itu dan mencari ubat-ubatan kerana sesungguhnya kita memang kaya dgn ubat-ubatan, dan ubat-ubatan itu tidak lain tidak bukan, ialah Islam. Tapi anda perlu menggunakan tongkat itu, jika tidak anda akan dibaham oleh ular2 sihir Firaun yg begitu byk sekarang ini!


Subject: The Government Stumbles Over the Harakah Publishing Permit

The deputy prime minister and home minister, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, this week announced, after "careful consideration", his new policy on political party publications: henceforth no more than twice a month and without the right ot sell them on the news stands; with severe penalities if this is breached. It has but one aim: to curb the runaway success of the PAS organ, "Harakah", selling more copy per issue than mainstream newspaper and getting more multiracial support than it bargained for. Harakah's licence expired at the end of February, with any word on its renewal it submitted several months earlier. This is normal for opposition parties. But if it did not renew it quickly, the public would believe, without prompting, that it was deliberately denied its licence. Malaysian law does not allow opposition political parties to sell their publications to non-members. But the government would not act against Harakah, preferring to change the conditions of the licence to strangulate its circulation. Without success. PAS and Harakah officials accepted the conditions, as it became clear at a press conference it held last Tuesday. "Harakah" would become a fortnightly, with more pages in Malay and English, the first issue out next week.

But hardly had Pak Lah's announcement made the airwaves, the second guessing began. This is standard for official announcements: make the definitive announcement, and then tune it in public so that none is in any doubt the government does not know what it wants or does. The Prime Minister gave a political twist to accuse PAS of disobeying the law. The deputy home minister, Dato' Chor Chee Heung, refined it further: any political publication with an Internet presence that was updated more than once a fortnight would lose its licence. Harakah updates its website daily; it could now only every fortnight. But this would not apply to the UMNO party newspaper, soon to be re-launched, with its new Internet webpages, which its executive secretary, Tengku Adnan Mansor, promised would be updated daily. When Dato' Chor was asked about PAS' application for a daily commercial newspaper, "Purnima", he said the home ministry takes three-to-four months to decide. What he did not say that this "three-to-four-months" is only a figure of speech, like the judiciary's promise to deliver judgements in six months; that six months can be as long as 26 months it has taken the Chief Justice, Tun Eusoff Chin, not to deliver the Federal Court verdict in the M.G.G. Pillai v Tan Sri Vincent tan libel case. Both Parti Keadilan Negara and Parti Rakyat Malaysia applied more than "three-to-four" months ago for their licence to publish their organs. They still await a decision if they can.

The government's crack down on Internet websites of Malaysian opposition parties one expected despite Malaysia's solemn promise to eschew censorship of Internet it gave to attract investors to its Multimedia Super Corridor. The DAP cannot sell its party organ to the public, but more than makes up with its informative, frequently updated web site. PAS's elegant, well-thought-out Internet presence is so far ahead of the others that the UMNO's proposed webpages, even if run properly, could not match; the PAS workers do it for the love of the struggle, and which cannot be bought with money. Two quiggles: could a political party have a website if its name is different from that of its organ with fall foul of the new rules? Are political parties without a party magazine but with an active Internet presence updated daily within the law? So many questions are raised that Dato' Seri Abdullah must rethink this policy, and announce it in Parliament. As it stands, it is not PAS on the spot over Harakah's licence, but the government.

It did not think through, as usual, this threat to cancel a political party's publishing licence if its organ's Internet presence is updated more than twice a month. This brings the threat of censorship to what appears on the Internet, a departure from the Prime Minister's solemn promise of no censorship on Internet. Dato' Chor's conditions removes that protection. It underlines the government's insistence that its policies must be subject to the Prime Minister's political health. In the 19 years the Prime Minister is in office, every institution of state is turned into a toy he could play with at leisure. The judiciary, civil service, the armed forces, the police, the Elections Commission, the cabinet, the constitution. And now the solemn promises made to the world to justify the billions to be spent on creating what the Prime Minister, and almost no one else, calls the second Silicon Valley.

M.G.G. Pillai


Subject: Malaysia begins Internet censorship

Bername has informed its subscribers that, at the request of the Prime Minister's Department, it is withdrawing the story below. It does not state why. Several Malaysian newspapers this morning carried the story. I can see no reason for it but that this makes nonsense of the government's claim of no censorship on Internet. Does this mean, however, that it goes back to status quo ante, that political parties could continue to have Internet editions updated daily without upsetting the status of its printed licences which can only be published twice a month? And the PMD must explain why this item should be withdrawn.

M.G.G. Pillai



Subject: Malaysia begins Internet censorship

Harakah Cannot Have Internet version More Than Twice A Month

KUALA LUMPUR, March 2 (Bernama) -- The new publishing permit issued to Harakah can be suspended or revoked if the Internet version of the PAS official newspaper is published more than twice a month, Deputy Home Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung said Thursday.

Harakah must abide by the terms and conditions of the permit if the Internet edition used the same name as the printed version, he said.

"They cannot claim that no one can control the Internet version," he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said yesterday that Harakah would be allowed to publish only twice a month unlike previously when it was published every Monday and Friday.

Chor said the government's twice monthly ruling applied to all political party newspapers and magazines.

Apart from suspending and revoking the publishing permit, the errant publisher would also be issued with a show cause letter as to why action should not be taken and also could be fined.

Chor said the Home Ministry in January also received an application from PAS to publish a daily newspaper called "Purnama".

"The ministry will give appropriate consideration to the application," he said when asked about its progress.

It usually took between three and four months for such applications to be processed, added Chor.


Link Reference : Proxy list 2000/02