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Father of ALL Liars
By tv3

18/2/2000 5:50 am Fri

a#salamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera
Semua Pejuang REFORMASI

quote from AFP

"Mahathir said he did not think his testimony was necessary. "I don't know much about this thing. I think all the evidence has already been given." unquote

If this fellow is not the Father of ALL Liars....who is? Ehud Barak seems an angel by comparison.

He is on record to have announced TO THE WHOLE WORLD that "Saya ada bukti kukuh", whilst imitating some obscene gestures. Now he is saying, he doesn't know much! If "all the evidence has already been given", then the whole case must only belong to the garbage dump. Even the dates (of the alleged offence) can not until today be proven by the 4 tahil idiot!

All of us Malaysians, deserve this tyrant that is leading us! We screwed our obligations to Allah, and this is His retribution! Banyakkan lah istighfar.....