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Re: Berita..TV3 ? :)
By Ummi Nasuha

14/2/2000 1:11 pm Mon

a#salamu'alaikum semua,

What's this about TV3 currently under receivership?? Kalau benarlah begini, wah nampaknya sumber maklumat yang sahih akan hanya kita dapat dari saudara kita, tv3 yek? :)
On a serious note, I'm thinking about the hardships inevitable for the station's staff…especially the ones who have been supporting the BA silently [remember someone's posting about the 'no-parking allowed' rule for those cars with BA stickers?]

On the other hand, if TV3 would really get the crunch, then I would be among the first to offer 'Alhamdulillah'…..since the station had it coming!
This is my own personal opinion, ok, but I think many would agree with me that the boycott is going on well. Although I am better contented if someone would present some facts and figures pertaining the actual viewership that the station is enjoying now,….whether it is really declining or more-or-less the same.

However, even if the majority of us still watch it, maybe the advertisers are spooked….[even more when the boycott was made official] hehehehehehe…..and being the usual business-minded they are plus profit-oriented to-the-max kind of people, they decided to pull the plug, so to speak :)……[hehehehehe imagine TV3 going 'unplugged']. So, to say the least, the boycott works…….[maybe the BA is also very good at psy-ops,eh?] :))