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Cheating Evidence - Hjh Marina Yusof
By web aNtu

10/12/1999 8:52 am Fri


The election results favouring Barisan Nasional has shocked the nation and has caused great disappointment to the majority of the people who had voted for change. We have evidence of ma#sive cheating nation wide. We are compiling the evidence and will soon be filing election petitions. Amongst some of the problems which surfaced are:-

680,000 registered voters were told they are not allowed to vote. However, some of them DID go to the BN polling stations wearing BN T-shirts and BN caps and found that they were able to vote after all. It was only the BA supporters who could not vote. Some voters? names were missing from the electoral list. They then created a fuss and refused to budge until allowed to vote. A second list was then brought out from under the table and, surprisingly their names WERE on this second list. All the missing names were found on the second list in the BN Booths. Some of our voters had to pretend to be BN supporters to get the information. Most voters went home frustrated, as they were not allowed to vote. Some voters were told they had already voted when in fact they had not. They were shown the list and, true enough; their names had been "cut off" as if they had already voted. They knew they had not voted and that someone else had voted in their place. There was widespread complaint about voters voting more than once. In some areas we received reports that the ballot papers had some sort of wax or resin on them. It was not the whole ballot paper that was waxed but just the part where the Barisan Alternatif box was. Some voters confirmed that they could not mark the Barisan Alternatif box properly as it was too slippery and appeared to have wax or resin on the BA box. Some SPR officers did not allow them to use their own pen. After marking the Barisan Alternatif box with the pencil provided they rubbed the ballot paper and found that the pencil marking became powdery and just came off.
Despite lots being drawn or dice being cast it is too much of a coincidence for all the BN candidates to be the first candidate and the BA to be the second. Many voters complained that the pencils they were supplied with were so blunt and that there was no more lead on it. They found they could not mark the ballot papers properly with these pencils.
Many voters were offered money to vote for the Barisan Nasional. Police reports have been lodged and some are still in the process of being lodged all over the country. There were very serious irregularities with the postal votes. Votes for the BA turned up in wrong areas and were considered spoilt votes. Some witnesses who were monitoring the vote counting told us that, in the beginning of the count, some Barisan Nasional candidates were losing badly. Then they brought out the postal votes very late and well after the stipulated times and the result suddenly changed to a win for BN. One example was Dato Seri Najib. While the vote counting was going on everyone could see he was losing heavily. Out of nowhere sacks of postal votes were wheeled in which, strangely enough, were all for Barisan Nasional. This gave Najib a very narrow win. The SPR did not observe the procedures and times set by them. There was no continuity in the custody of the postal votes, the rules set by SPR were not observed at all and the candidates were never informed where the postal votes were kept and the security was breached. In Wangsa Maju votes belonging to other areas with PRM logos and DAP logos were seen among the postal votes counted. Postal votes for Wangsa Maju voting for the BA was found in Bandar Tun Razak and were treated as spoilt votes. The list goes on.
Some candidates reported that the ballot boxes were opened without their representative?s presence. By the time they arrived at the counting stations the boxes has already been opened. Others complained that some ballot boxes went missing and were later found in very suspicious circumstances. One box was found to be empty. Vote counting was done separately at the actual voting centres. During vote counting, our agents observed there were three to five ballot papers folded together with the votes marked for BN. Objections made were ignored. Our counting agents were supposed to be given the tally sheets duly signed by the Presiding Officer but most of the counting agent were not given the tally sheets even though they asked. Even though the candidate asked for the tally sheet from the SPR he refused to give it to her saying he can only give the final figure. He did not give her any opportunity to check any of the figures. Therefore, at some of the main counting centres there was no way our agents could verify the votes cast, as there were no tally sheets given.
The figures of those who voted and the total number of votes cast did not tally. Our agents verified that in some boxes the votes counted was more than the votes cast. Bags of documents were seen removed from the counting halls from the back and after that our supporters found some voting papers in rubbish bins behind the counting hall. Police reports have been made.
Checks on the Electoral Register supplied by the Election Commission on the CD have revealed very serious irregularities. In Wilayah Persekutuan there are 52% of voters who do not have dates of birth and dates of eligibility. In Kubang Pasu alone we have traced thousands of voters whose identity card numbers appear in perfect sequence in one area. I call upon the SPR to make investigation into all these irregularities and when proven correct to declare the General Elections null and void and call for fresh Elections. Alternatively, a Royal Commission of Inquiry should be convened immediately. The basic rights of the people under the Federal Constitution have been eroded and the Election laws and procedures have been seriously breached. The General Elections held on the 29th November 1999 was not fair and free.

Hajjah Marina Yusoff
Pengarah Pilihanraya
Parti Keadilan Nasional